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Ulcer – Pains in the upper abdomen or chest, can occur at night, can be dull, abdominal discomfort, vomiting, or heartburn.

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The combine herbs for Ulcer is a month treatment that helps to Nourish and harmonize stomach and spleen, clear dampness, remove clamp & phlegm, regulate digestion. Used for chronic poor appetite, abdominal distension, nausea, acid regurgitation, chronic gastritis, chronic diarrhoea or loose stools, duodenal ulcer, chronic hepatitis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), morning sickness.

People may experience:
Pain: in the upper abdomen or chest, can occur at night, can be dull.
Gastrointestinal: belching, bloating, indigestion, vomiting, or heartburn.
Whole body: nausea or fatigue.
Also common: abdominal discomfort.


Peptic ulcers occur when acid in the digestive tract eats away at the inner surface of the stomach or small intestine. The acid can create a painful open sore that may bleed.


Your digestive tract is coated with a mucous layer that normally protects against acid. But if the amount of acid is increased or the amount of mucus is decreased, you could develop an ulcer.


Common causes include:


A bacterium. Helicobacter pylori bacteria commonly live in the mucous layer that covers and protects tissues that line the stomach and small intestine. Often, the H. pylori bacterium causes no problems, but it can cause inflammation of the stomach’s inner layer, producing an ulcer.


It’s not clear how H. pylori infection spreads. It may be transmitted from person to person by close contact, such as kissing. People may also contract H. pylori through food and water.


Burning stomach pain.
Feeling of fullness, bloating or belching.
Intolerance to fatty foods.

The most common peptic ulcer symptom is burning stomach pain. Stomach acid makes the pain worse, as does having an empty stomach. The pain can often be relieved by eating certain foods that buffer stomach acid or by taking an acid-reducing medication, but then it may come back. The pain may be worse between meals and at night.


Many people with peptic ulcers don’t even have symptoms.


Less often, ulcers may cause severe signs or symptoms such as:


Vomiting or vomiting blood — which may appear red or black.
Dark blood in stools, or stools that are black or tarry.
Trouble breathing.
Feeling faint.
Nausea or vomiting.
Unexplained weight loss.
Appetite changes.


Active Ingredients:
Rehmannia root, Discorea Root, Cornus fruit, Moutan root bark, Poria Fungus, Alisma Rhizome, Panax ginseng, Savia miltiorrhiza, Radix Gingseng, Gingko Leaf Extract, Cordyceps.

14 reviews for Ulcer – Pains in the upper abdomen or chest, can occur at night, can be dull, abdominal discomfort, vomiting, or heartburn.

  1. Avatar of Benita Joseph

    Benita Joseph

    I love the Ulcer product! My mum has been on meds for years for ulcers and this products has helped her the most! We haven’t had about of her ulcer problems in 4 months.

  2. Avatar of Olanrewaju Sowobi

    Olanrewaju Sowobi

    I had been having gassy and painful stomach before I decided to purchase the product to give it a try. After about one week taking it, my upset stomach actually stopped hurting. But so far I’m pleased with it.

  3. Avatar of Iyanuoluwa Olatunde (Olas)

    Iyanuoluwa Olatunde (Olas)

    I have used this products before and have always had goodluck with it. I had a sore in my upper mouth and stomach ulcer so i used the products for a couple of days and it got rid of it completely.

  4. Avatar of Chiamaka Okoye

    Chiamaka Okoye

    I have peptic ulcer that has caused severe Pains in the chest or upper abdomen and heartburn, for sure that is what I have suffered for 30 years. I can say that after one month of taking this, symptoms have disappeared 90 percent.

  5. Avatar of Frank Ekpo

    Frank Ekpo

    I feel good again. Damn, this actually heals the stomach and gut by repairing the lining. No more pain. No more acid reflux. It worked after 2 days! I can eat at night. I can sleep.

  6. Avatar of Samuel Okposo

    Samuel Okposo

    I have reflux and I take several supplements to avoid taking PPIs, which don’t work for me. This products gives me no side effects and does the job of helping me digest and settles my stomach. It is a very good product.

  7. Avatar of Abraham Chimezie

    Abraham Chimezie

    I’m on the third box. These products have really helped me with my IBS.

  8. Avatar of Roqeebat Adebayo

    Roqeebat Adebayo

    I’ve acid reflux problem and always get this burning sensation on my chest, especially right after a meal. I later took an endoscopy and UBT test which confirmed I had H. pylori infection. Doc prescribed triple antibiotics, so I looked for other alternatives. I came to know about this herbs and tried it since they claim it’s all natural. I didn’t have much expectations but it really helped relieve the discomfort. I’m gonna continue with this.

  9. Avatar of Adamu Abubakar

    Adamu Abubakar

    I feel almost completely cured. Wishing i found this years ago! No more reflux, indigestion or burning sensation. This stuff is great. I am from Kano state

  10. Avatar of Abigail


    I have had gastritis for many years and nothing I have taken has helped me, until I started taking treatment. Within a week I was feeling better and after taking it as directed I no longer have gastritis pain.

  11. Avatar of Oluwaseun Bello

    Oluwaseun Bello

    This product is a miracle to my stomach! I have IBD and gastroparesis among other issues. I’ve tried countless medications and natural remedies throughout my lifetime. And I have not had success with any of them. So I purchased this products in desperation yet not expecting to find any improvement to my GI issues. I have never been so happy to be wrong in my assumptions. I literally felt immediate relief to my inflamed stomach and entire GI tract! I practically couldn’t believe it! I wish I had discovered this much sooner! I would absolutely recommend this products, especially at the 2-3 times per day as it suggests if you have long-standing, severe GI issues as I do.

  12. Avatar of Oluwole Samuel

    Oluwole Samuel

    It is hard to find a good products. I find these to be very effective and when I took along with the digestive enzymes I could really tell a difference from other brands. I have been needing to take it 3x a day and even after taking them twice today I can’t tell the difference.

  13. Avatar of Ridwan Opeyemi

    Ridwan Opeyemi

    This product has helped me with so many of my digestive issues! It’s been a couple of weeks now and i feel Less bloated and definitely more regular than I’ve ever been.

  14. Avatar of Ifeanyi Okoli

    Ifeanyi Okoli

    I have been on the hunt for a product that works for me for a long time. I’ve been using this herbal stuff for about 3 weeks and I noticed a difference in digestion and how my stomach felt within the first week. It is the best and I’ve tried many.

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