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Miira-cell+ is a powerful herbs, a purely organic health provision essential to revive your failing health and bring you back on your feet.


The body has it’s own mechanisms and system for combating diseases and foreign harmful elements making their way around the body system. The system gets weaker with age, exposure to infections and other genetic factors, therefore conditions like premature aging, nervous breakdown, organ inflammation and abnormal growth and the likes sets into the body causing illnesses of all sorts.


As the body gets weaker from these conditions, it needs all the support it can get, that’s where miira-cell+ comes in. It contains purely natural ingredients in right proportion effective to give the body the extra push needed for it to heal itself and get rid of ailments.



✅You put the powder under your tongue on the sublingual glands. Which is a very sensitive area, full or nerves, that transport the powder straight to the brain.

✅It tastes so good.

✅Once you take them immediately the brain will recognize the presence and sends to go and repair any damaged cells.

✅And they’ll start restoring your natural body cells.

Active Ingredients:
AFA, Astaxanthin, Salmon Ovary Peptide, Bee Propolis, Bilberry, Kiwi fruit, Soursop, pomegranate, Goji Berry.




Get Yourself An Extra/Major Income.
Revoobit Sdn Bhd is a dynamic health and wellness Malaysian company with registration number 201901043332 (1352662-V), brand of products including miiracare, mineral spray by miiracare and the miira-cell+.


Investing in revoobit is definitely one of the best choice of investment you can make at the moment that is viable within a short period for the following reasons:


1. It’s the most affordable product with most customer friendly prices available in the market.
2. It offers the most robust compensation plan in any multilevel marketing network for it’s member; a total of 9 different plans for compensation and incentives.


To be a member of Revoobit, there are four membership packages:

Anyone joining the company as a distributor can purchase any of the below packages, the higher the package, the higher your returns.

When you purchase any of the below packages, you will receive boxes of the health product called Miira Cell Plus.

1. Starter package (₦28,000) – 1 box of Miira Cell+.

2. Bronze package (₦48,000) – 2 boxes of Miira Cell+.

3. Silver package (₦240,000) – 10 boxes of Miira Cell+.

4. Gold package (₦480,000) – 20 boxes of Miira Cell+.
NOTE: Each boxes contains 24 sachets.



As a registered member of Revoobit International, there 9 ways to earn and have a worthy returns.

1. Retail profit.
2. Sponsor bonus.
3. Pairing bonus.
4. Group incentive bonus.
5. Roll up bonus.
6. Uni-level Bonus (member repurchase).
7. Vacation Treasure Box.
8. Car Treasure Box.
9. House Treasure Box.


Let’s talk about these Bonuses:

1. Retail Bonus.

If you can sell your products you earn retail profit. This is 100% optional. We always recommend using the product yourself or giving it to a relative of friends who needs it.


2. Sponsor Bonuses.

For Starter, Bronze and Silver Packages.

– Introduce a Starter, Earn ₦6,000 ($15).

– Introduce a Bronze, Earn ₦12,000 ($30).

– Introduce a Silver, Earn ₦60,000 ($150).

– Introduce a Gold, Earn ₦120,000 ($300).



– Introduce a Starter, Earn ₦7,000 ($17.50).

– Introduce Bronze, Earn ₦14,000 ($35).

– Introduce Silver, Earn ₦70,000 ($175).

– Introduce Gold, Earn ₦140,000 ($350).



Introducing 2 Starters and pair.

Earn $15 on the right.

Earn $15 on the left.

Earn Pairing bonus ₦2,000 ($5)

TOTAL ₦14,000 ($35).


Introducing 2 Bronze and pair.

Earn $30 on the left.

Earn $30 on the right.

Earn Pairing Bonus ₦4,000 ($10).

TOTAL BONUS ₦28,000 ($70).


Introducing 2 Silvers and pair.

Earn $150 on the left.

Earn $150 on the right.

Earn Pairing Bonus ₦20,000 ($50).

TOTAL BONUS ₦140,000 ($350).


Introducing 2 Gold Packages and pair.

Earn $150 on the left.

Earn $150 on the right.

Earn Pairing Bonus ₦40,000 ($100).

TOTAL BONUS ₦320,000 ($800).



Percentage Of Your Total Team’s Bonuses.

– 1st level of your network 5%.

– 2nd Level of your network 4%.

– 3rd level of your Network 3%.

– 4th Level of your Network 2%.

– 5th – 10th level of your network 1%.


*Starter* will earn from levels 1 – 5.

*Bronze* will earn from Levels 1 – 6.

*SILVER* will earn from Levels 1 – 8.

*Gold* will earn from Levels 1 – 10.



A Gold recruits a Starter – in turn introduces a Gold.

When a Gold Pack is ₦140,000 ($350). A Starter gets ₦120,000 ($300) and the difference of ₦20,000 ($50) rolls up to a Gold up the line.



– A percentage from your team total Purchases.

Level 1 – 3.75%.

Level 2 – 3.75%.

Level 3 – 2.5%.

Level 4 – 1.25%.

Level 6 – 1.25%.

Level 6 – 1.25%.

Level 8 – 2.5%.

Level 9 – 3.75%.

Level 10 – 3.75%.

To Qualify – Sponsor one person on left and the other on the right.

That month you should pay maintenance.

Repurchases are optional.



Applies to monthly repurchases.

A maximum of 3 Vacations a year.

$45 x 50 products repurchased equals to the total vocational bonus of

$2250 each from your 3 direct legs.



From three direct downline totals re-purchase from each of the 3 legs per month should be $6000 per leg.

Bonus amount would be ₦360,000 ($900) for that current month.

– NB. You should have maintained your account that current month.



From your 5 Direct Down Lines Team work.

Total Repurchases of $6000 each from your 1st 2 legs and $12000 each from your other 3 legs .

– Bonus for that current month will be $2400.

House treasure box receivers not entitled to receive car treasure awards


Gold Mеmbеrѕ earn 5% more than Starter, Bronze and Silver.


Interested in Revoobit Business Plan? Get in touch with us via the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!



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26 reviews for Revoobit – Miira Cell

  1. Avatar of Blessing Atinuke Adewumi

    Blessing Atinuke Adewumi

    This is a powerful product which eradicates oxidative stress on the brain among many other benefits especially increasing your red blood cells which fight disease bearing cells and eliminates them.

  2. Avatar of Oladunni Micheal

    Oladunni Micheal

    I recently bought this product to relieve the severe pain caused by problems in my spine within the region of L3, L4 and L5. I have thereby avoided an operation which would have then left me with a five month recovery period. I now have no pain whatsoever and this is an excellent recovery product.

  3. Avatar of Oso Esther

    Oso Esther

    I really like this product. I feel like it does give me some energy and speeds up my metabolism.

  4. Avatar of Samuel Oladoja

    Samuel Oladoja

    I used the product and got excellent results for my diabetes. This product works just as well and is more economical.

  5. Avatar of Peter Precious

    Peter Precious

    It is an amazing product. It rejuvenated my body and made me feel 10 years younger after 4 weeks of use.

  6. Avatar of Daniel Adeyemi

    Daniel Adeyemi

    This is an excellent product if u have arthritis discomfort, I’ve been using as per directions for 1 month and I feel 100% better could actually feel a difference after a few days.

  7. Avatar of Joy Andrew

    Joy Andrew

    My wife knee pain feeling better now.

  8. Avatar of Kingsley Onyekachi

    Kingsley Onyekachi

    My grandma (78 years old) has what seems to be chronic bronchitis, she gets it during cold temperatures. We bought this products because we know they are usually good for people who have low immune systems. Within the first week we noticed an improvement in her health, its now been about 3 weeks and she BARELY coughs anymore.

  9. Avatar of Ayomide Aiyedogbon

    Ayomide Aiyedogbon

    This is good stuff. My husband lasts longer when he takes it and his sperm count has significantly improve.

  10. Avatar of Victoria Olekwu Matthew

    Victoria Olekwu Matthew

    Product works.

  11. Avatar of Mercy Oguns

    Mercy Oguns

    I was surprised that I really could feel the difference after the first day of using the products.

  12. Avatar of Olawale Idris

    Olawale Idris

    The products is very effective. Wonderful product. Very good treatment for stroke and diabetes. I can move my hand very well now and my speech is much more clearer.

  13. Avatar of Paul Okoro

    Paul Okoro

    After using Revoobit Mirra Cell for over a month, I’ve noticed quicker healing on injuries as well as a feeling of a quicker recall/memory.

  14. Avatar of Azeez Quadri

    Azeez Quadri

    I used this product now for 3 weeks. My sperm motility has been improved and energy since using this. I really notice a difference in my well being.

  15. Avatar of Chinelo Okonkwo

    Chinelo Okonkwo

    Great product. My immune system is already stronger.

  16. Avatar of Charles Obidi

    Charles Obidi

    After taking this product I felt that I had good amount of energy and that my joints had less pain. Especially noticeable on my knees.

  17. Avatar of Johnson Adoga

    Johnson Adoga

    My wife used the products for a whole month. She had fibroid and irregular menstruation. The fibroid has melted and her menses has be regular.

  18. Avatar of Gabriel Olaleye

    Gabriel Olaleye

    A dr. recommended that I start taking it for prostate enlargement about 2 months ago…It seems to help… I’m urinating well now and still going strong…

  19. Avatar of Falairawo Rachael

    Falairawo Rachael

    This is an excellent products if u have ovarian cysts or female fertility issues, I’ve been using as per directions for 1 month and I feel 100% better could actually feel a difference after a few days and have conceived.

  20. Avatar of Isaac Durotoye

    Isaac Durotoye

    The greatest products I have used. Able to boosts my sperm count.

  21. Avatar of Grace Ademola

    Grace Ademola

    Wonderful product. It has unblock my tube and have been able to conceive. Thanks

  22. Avatar of Damilare Peter

    Damilare Peter

    I have cataract, since a month that I am using the revoobit. I noticed that am seeing clearer and eye is returning back to normal.

  23. Avatar of Joseph Ifeoluwa

    Joseph Ifeoluwa

    I have staph infection and some movement in my body. I have been feeling good since i have been using this product.

  24. Avatar of Adewale Adekunle

    Adewale Adekunle

    Pain on my right shoulder which has lasted for months plus arthritis. However, after taking mirra cell, I was relieved. I have ordered another pack.

  25. Avatar of Stephen Okoro

    Stephen Okoro

    Excellent product. Very effective for high blood pressure.

  26. Avatar of Hellen


    My fibroids are disappearing. I feel the difference in my stomach. I love it my health has improved.

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