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Menstrual Disorders (Painful, Irregular, absence of periods, heavy periods, Blockage).

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Menstruation problems.
Find out what’s normal and what’s not normal for your periods.
Amenorrhoea (absence of periods)
Amenorrhoea simply means an absence of your periods. Doctors usually classify amenorrhoea into primary or secondary amenorrhoea.
Primary amenorrhoea: where your periods have never started and you are at least 16 years old.
Secondary amenorrhoea: where you normally have periods but they have stopped for 6 months or more.

When is it normal not to have periods?
It is normal not to have periods:
before you reach puberty;
when you are pregnant;
if you are breast feeding; and
if you have reached menopause.


Causes of amenorrhoea.
Amenorrhoea may be caused by:
malfunction of the thyroid gland, the hypothalamus (part of the brain that helps regulate the menstrual cycle) or the pituitary gland;
problems with the ovaries;
anatomical problems with the uterus, cervix or vagina;
delayed puberty;
prolonged strenuous exercise;
depression and some other forms of mental illness;
low body weight;
some medicines, including the oral contraceptive pill (it can take 3-6 months to start periods again after stopping the pill), certain antipsychotic medicines and cancer chemotherapies;
chronic illness;
hormonal imbalances such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS); or
premature menopause.


Dysmenorrhoea (painful periods).
Dysmenorrhoea means painful periods. Period pain and discomfort is usually most severe for the first day or so of your period.

The combine herbs is used to bring on a normal menstrual cycle in women who menstruated normally in the past but have not menstruated for at least 6 months and who are not pregnant or undergoing menopause (change of life).


PMS Symptoms:
Although each individual may experience symptoms differently, the most common symptoms of PMS can include any of the following:


Psychological symptoms (depression, anxiety, irritability).
Gastrointestinal symptoms (bloating).
Fluid retention (swelling of fingers, ankles and feet).
Skin problems (acne).
Muscle spasms.
Heart palpitations.
Vision problems.
Eye infections.
Decreased coordination.
Diminished libido (sex drive).
Changes in appetite.
Hot flashes.
Simple modifications in lifestyle can help eliminate or reduce the severity of symptoms, including:


Exercising 3 to 5 times each week.
Eating a well-balanced diet that includes whole grains, vegetables and fruit, and a decreasing salt, sugar, caffeine and alcohol intake.
Getting adequate sleep and rest.


Active Ingredients:
Angelica sinensis 210mg, Lovage root 30mg, White Atractylodes tuber 30mg, Jujube Fruit 30mg, Herba Leonuri extract, Brown Sugar.

18 reviews for Menstrual Disorders (Painful, Irregular, absence of periods, heavy periods, Blockage).

  1. Avatar of Tochi David

    Tochi David

    Great product I would recommend it to any woman with menstrual issues.

  2. Avatar of Margaret Edet

    Margaret Edet

    I been suffering from really heavy periods for a while now and I have tried different products and nothing has helped me like this products. My periods are definitely less and less cramps.

  3. Avatar of Aliyah Ayomide

    Aliyah Ayomide

    My cycle was definitely lighter. last month, I had to change hourly on my heaviest day. With the product, I only had to change once every two or three hours. So, this is great improvement for me. I will continue using the product.

  4. Avatar of Olabisi Elizabeth Toluse

    Olabisi Elizabeth Toluse

    Awesome product! Actually slows down your period. If you are a heavy bleeder, stop suffering and order this right away. You will see the difference immediately. I am on my third bottle and will continue using them.

  5. Avatar of Rachael Taiwo

    Rachael Taiwo

    These have helped my hormones regulate. I have been trying to get pregnant for 5 years but my periods were so irregular and i wasn’t ovulating. Have taken these for three weeks and got a positive pregnancy test.

  6. Avatar of Rosemary Chukwu

    Rosemary Chukwu

    Bought this for my 12 years old daughter. It work instantly and she feels great again.

  7. Avatar of Maryam Muhammad

    Maryam Muhammad

    It has worked great for regulating my cycle.

  8. Avatar of Grace Salihu

    Grace Salihu

    This product works very well.

  9. Avatar of Owolabi Helen Oluwatosin

    Owolabi Helen Oluwatosin

    Helps me so much with night sweats!! Also noticed a decrease in anxiety. It has helped me sleep a lot better.

  10. Avatar of Mercy Nwachukwu

    Mercy Nwachukwu

    I use these when I feel horrible while I’m on my period. It fixes bloating, cramps, headaches. But for two days straight I had a horrible headache that wouldn’t go away with any pain pills I took. So I took two of these and it was gone within 30 mins.

  11. Avatar of Raliat Aliu

    Raliat Aliu

    This is the only thing that helps my cramps. Wish I’d known about this years ago. Ingredients are slightly different from similar products. For best results I start take taking this a few days before I expect the cramps to start.

  12. Avatar of Nzube Okechukwu

    Nzube Okechukwu

    It truly helps with menstrual related lower back pain, cramps and moodiness. I don’t get severe cramps, but my lower back always kills during that time of the month and this has saved me. When my friends have had cramps I’ve given them some and they say it helped so much that they end up buying it!

  13. Avatar of Abigail Chiamaka Igwe

    Abigail Chiamaka Igwe

    The thing I like the most about this product is that It helps with more than one of the symptoms that I’ve been experiencing. At first it was fatigue, then it was anxiety and then came the hot flashes.

  14. Avatar of Tife Boluwatife

    Tife Boluwatife

    What can I say, a happy wife is a happy life! This is the only products that seems to work for her when she is on her cycle.

  15. Avatar of Patience Peter Philip

    Patience Peter Philip

    This medicine really helped me! I can’t believe it.

  16. Avatar of Chiamaka Ezechukwu

    Chiamaka Ezechukwu

    I’m nearly 39 and after my recent tube removal I wanted something natural to try for cramps. This is the first cycle in my life that has been very great after using the products.

  17. Avatar of Rhamat Omotoyo Alabidun

    Rhamat Omotoyo Alabidun

    This is a product I was skeptical about, but my daughter has such bad monthly cramps I thought I would get it for her to try. When I asked her today if she had used it and she said she had and it worked within 15 minutes because she has always had such a terrible time.

  18. Avatar of Iyanuoluwa Adeoye

    Iyanuoluwa Adeoye

    I just turned 50, but have been going through peri menopause for years. This is the first product I’ve found that genuinely helps with my hot flashes, night sweats and anxiety levels! And it doesn’t upset my stomach.

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