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Infertility in men, Low sperm count, Motility rate & sterility.

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The fertility kit is a month enhancer plan for treating low sperm count, motility rate, Infertility in men, seminal mission, azoospermia, backache and sterility.


Low sperm count means that the fluid (semen) you ejaculate during an orgasm contains fewer sperm than normal. A low sperm count is also called oligospermia (ol-ih-go-SPUR-me-uh). A complete absence of sperm is called azoospermia. Your sperm count is considered lower than normal if you have fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen.



Having a low sperm count decreases the odds that one of your sperm will fertilize your partner’s egg, resulting in pregnancy. Nonetheless, many men who have a low sperm count are still able to father a child.


The main sign of low sperm count is the inability to conceive a child. There might be no other obvious signs or symptoms. In some men, an underlying problem such as an inherited chromosomal abnormality, a hormonal imbalance, dilated testicular veins or a condition that blocks the passage of sperm may cause signs and symptoms.


Low sperm count symptoms might include:
Problems with sexual function — for example, low sex drive or difficulty maintaining an erection (erectile dysfunction).
Pain, swelling or a lump in the testicle area.
Decreased facial or body hair or other signs of a chromosome or hormone abnormality.


The production of sperm is a complex process and requires normal functioning of the testicles (testes) as well as the hypothalamus and pituitary glands — organs in your brain that produce hormones that trigger sperm production. Once sperm are produced in the testicles, delicate tubes transport them until they mix with semen and are ejaculated out of the penis. Problems with any of these systems can affect sperm production.


Also, there can be problems of abnormal sperm shape (morphology), movement (motility) or function.

However, often the cause of low sperm count isn’t identified.

To protect your fertility, avoid known factors that can affect sperm count and quality. For example:


Don’t smoke.
Limit or abstain from alcohol.
Steer clear of illicit drugs.
Maintain a healthy weight.
Avoid heat.
Manage stress.
Avoid exposure to pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins.


Active Ingredients:
Fructus Lycii, Semen Cuscutae, Fructus Rubi, Fructus Schisandraw, Semen Plantaginis, Panax ginseng, Savia miltiorrhiza, Radix Gingseng, Gingko Leaf Extract, Cordyceps.

25 reviews for Infertility in men, Low sperm count, Motility rate & sterility.

  1. Avatar of Kelvin


    Good product

  2. Avatar of Salami Abiodun

    Salami Abiodun

    This products works well there’s an increase in sperm count. The semen analysis proof it.

  3. Avatar of Benjamin Davidson

    Benjamin Davidson

    I have been trying to get my wife Pregnant for 8 years and started taking these pills for one month and now she is 2 months pregnant with her first child

  4. Avatar of Jude Chukwuma

    Jude Chukwuma

    My husband has taken these before when we were trying for our first child and we just purchased again to TTC a second time! So far we are just as pleased with the product as we were before!

  5. Avatar of Chidiebere Ogbonna

    Chidiebere Ogbonna

    Worked after the first month! We are pregnant and Will be using again in the future

  6. Avatar of Dayo Olatunji

    Dayo Olatunji

    My husband started these about 3 weeks ago. He suffers from low sperm/seminal fluid. After 3 weeks we noticed a huge increase in seminal fluid which will make having a baby. He feels more confident and said he has noticed a big difference every morning upon waking. I’m definitely glad we tried these

  7. Avatar of Adefolake Afolayan

    Adefolake Afolayan

    My husband took these for 3 weeks. His sperm count increase from 4M to 11M in one month!! That’s almost 3 times the increase. He had a infection about 9 months ago which we believe impacted his sperm count/quality.

  8. Avatar of Chiamaka


    This product is great. It was recommended by my doctor and we were pregnant within two months of my husband starting it.

  9. Avatar of Ngozi Ezeani

    Ngozi Ezeani

    My fiancé and I were told that he was no longer producing mature sperms and that he would not be able to have anymore kids. I did some research and came across the products. He started taken them and I am proud to say that I did a pregnancy test yesterday and it came out positive.

  10. Avatar of Adaobi Felix

    Adaobi Felix

    I ordered these products for my Husband after he tried another brand and no result. After 3 bottles of this fertility kit we successfully conceived, so I believe this product is good.

  11. Avatar of Jideofor James

    Jideofor James

    We have been trying to get pregnant for almost four years. I’ve been on this fertility kit for 4 weeks and wife got a positive pregnancy test last week.

  12. Avatar of Adaeze John

    Adaeze John

    Purchased this out of curiosity for when my husband and I were ready to have children to make sure there was nothing to worry about on his end. The test came back as positive for a good sperm count. I’m now 17 weeks pregnant with a little girl

  13. Avatar of Chinara Amaechi

    Chinara Amaechi

    My husband and I had trouble conceiving our first child and it took us 16 months. During that time we found out my husband has low sperm motility. After trying to conceive our second child for 11 months, we decided to try the fertility kit. After our first full cycle of him taking it we were able to conceive. My husband and I would highly recommend this to anyone having difficulty conceiving due to sperm count/motility.

  14. Avatar of Otitolaye Jumoke

    Otitolaye Jumoke

    Good products so far may God increase your research in Jesus name amen.

  15. Avatar of Iheanacho Victor

    Iheanacho Victor

    After using the fertility kit, it has increase the sperm count. I have notice the increase of sexual drive which makes our sexual life much better.

  16. Avatar of Shobeyi Taiwo

    Shobeyi Taiwo

    The fertility pack is effective for my sperm and women fertility product for my wife work very well. She is pregnant

  17. Avatar of Bisola Jaji

    Bisola Jaji

    We got pregnant the first month with our first child. However, we’ve been trying for 16 MONTHS to get pregnant with a second child! I ordered these and my husband started taking them this month. We just found out last week that I’m pregnant! I think these made the difference!

  18. Avatar of Okwuolise Azuka

    Okwuolise Azuka

    The fertility products for low sperm count is excellent.

  19. Avatar of Ifeanyichukwu


    Me and my wife been trying over 2 years to conceive and no luck. We went to a lab facility to help us find out with the cause. Getting there we find out that she’s pregnant I really believe this product help us conceive.

  20. Avatar of Nonyelum


    Purchased the product for my husband March 29 and today I’m sitting here 7 weeks pregnant. He thought he could never have kids but here we are

  21. Avatar of Aishat Quadri

    Aishat Quadri

    After my husband was told he had a low sperm count we were very concerned that getting pregnant would be a long road for us. After 9 months of trying I ordered the products hoping it would boost his count. Two months later we were pregnant. Our little girl is now two weeks old. There is no way of knowing how much this supplement helped but I won’t hesitate to order it again when we start trying for our second.

  22. Avatar of Adeyeye Sesan

    Adeyeye Sesan

    I originally bought this product for fertility reason and I can tell you my sperm count has improved very well.

  23. Avatar of Mariam


    We tried for 7 cycles with no luck, my husband took these and 6 weeks later we were pregnant!

  24. Avatar of Peter


    Wow! This product is great. Reluctantly placed an order and today I am so eager to share the good news. My case was no sperm count, but today we are pregnant

  25. Avatar of Uko Joy

    Uko Joy


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