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Dermatitis – Skin problems, Skin rashes, Itching, Pimples & Anti-aging, teen acne, Constipation, chronicle acne.

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The combine herbs is designed in aiding pimples and constipation. It also cleanses digestive tracks & toxic substances from the body system.


It enhances immune system, it helps remove toxic substances, keeps body balance. Anti-aging and also treat chronicle inflammatory problems.


It keeps skin healthy & diminishes winkles & prevents teen acne.

Dermatitis is a general term that describes an inflammation of the skin. Dermatitis can have many causes and occurs in many forms. It usually involves an itchy rash on swollen, reddened skin.


Skin affected by dermatitis may blister, ooze, develop a crust or flake off. Examples of dermatitis include atopic dermatitis (eczema), dandruff, and rashes caused by contact with any of a number of substances, such as poison ivy, soaps and jewelry with nickel in it.


Dermatitis is a common condition that’s not contagious and usually isn’t life-threatening. Even so, it can make you feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. A combination of self-care steps and medications can help you treat dermatitis.


Skin conditions have a wide range of symptoms. Symptoms on your skin that appear due to common problems aren’t always the result of a skin disorder. Such symptoms can include blisters from new shoes or chafing from tight pants. However, skin problems that have no obvious cause may indicate the presence of an actual skin condition that requires treatment.

Skin irregularities that are typically symptoms of a skin disorder include:

Raised bumps that are red or white.
A rash, which might be painful or itchy.
Scaly or rough skin.
Peeling skin.
Open sores or lesions.
Dry, cracked skin.
Discolored patches of skin.
Fleshy bumps, warts, or other skin growths.
Changes in mole color or size.
A loss of skin pigment.
Excessive flushing.

Causes of skin disorders:
Common known causes of skin disorders include:


Bacteria trapped in skin pores and hair follicles.
Fungus, parasites, or microorganisms living on the skin.
A weakened immune system.
Contact with allergens, irritants, or another person’s infected skin.
Genetic factors.
Illnesses affecting the thyroid, immune system, kidneys, and other body systems.
Numerous health conditions and lifestyle factors can also lead to the development of certain skin disorders. Some skin conditions have no known cause.


Active Ingredient:                                       
Extract from Aloe vera L. var. chinensis (Haw.).

8 reviews for Dermatitis – Skin problems, Skin rashes, Itching, Pimples & Anti-aging, teen acne, Constipation, chronicle acne.

  1. Avatar of Rosemary Okaka

    Rosemary Okaka

    This is excellent for acne! Absolutely amazing!”

  2. Avatar of Adesanya Abosede

    Adesanya Abosede

    I bought this to help with my skin problems/eczema. I started taking the products last week and my skin has been glowing more.

  3. Avatar of Charles


    My wife bought this product the help with the patches on her face and it has worked wonders!

  4. Avatar of Sodiq


    I just want to say that in my experience after 4 years of itching, skin rashes and pimples. I finally found the cure. Thank you for this medication.

  5. Avatar of Jeffrey


    I had chronic dermatitis all my life (I am 70) possibly due to Ichthyosis. I didn’t believe the photos I was shown after this treatment. My eczema has cleared up so that I can actually sleep without scratching myself to pieces first. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made to my life. No irritation, little flaking.

  6. Avatar of Oladapo Lashore

    Oladapo Lashore

    I have terrible itching and marks from scratching the skin, but after using the products it’s no more dry or flaky.

  7. Avatar of Hassan


    The Homeopathic medicine which you sent for Eczema works very well for her. She is improving a lot after taking this medicine. Her face, tummy, back is almost clear of the Eczema now and her diet is also good.

  8. Avatar of Eniola Abolaji

    Eniola Abolaji

    I had been dealing with eczema for over a year and once I started taking this products, it finally has gone away. I had to triple the dosage in the beginning.

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