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Cough – Treats cough with natural herbal medicine.

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A cough is an action the body takes to get rid of substances that are irritating to the air passages, which carry the air a person breathes in from the nose and mouth to the lungs. A cough occurs when cells along the air passages get irritated and trigger a chain of events. The result is air in the lungs is forced out under high pressure. A person can choose to cough (a voluntary process), or the body may cough on its own (an involuntary process).


Acute cough only lasts a short time, about two weeks. Chronic cough is a persistent cough that won’t go away.


The combine herbs helps in clearing the mucus and other secretions of a productive cough so that you can breathe easier. It also : – 


1. Work on the nerve and muscle of respiration system.
2. Clean the whole respiration system, cure the cough and stop phlegm.
3. Release the muscle tension and adjust the pace of breath.

What Causes Acute and Chronic Coughs?
Allergies and Asthma Can Make You Cough.
Allergies can lead to itchy and watery eyes, postnasal drip, coughing, and other symptoms.
Common causes of acute cough include:


Viruses such as the common cold and influenza (flu).
Bacterial infections.
Whooping cough.
Inhaled irritants (such as dust, smoke, and chemicals).


What Are the Signs and Symptoms of an Acute Cough?
Acute coughs are divided into infectious and noninfectious causes. Acute cough signs and symptoms that point to an infection include:

Body aches.
Sore throat.
Sinus pressure.
Runny nose.
Night sweats.
Postnasal drip.
Sputum, or phlegm, sometimes indicates an infection is present, but it is also seen in noninfectious causes. Yellow-green mucus also may indicate and infection.


What Are the Signs and Symptoms of a Chronic (Persistent) Cough?
Signs and symptoms of a chronic or persistent cough point to noninfectious causes include;


Coughs that occur when a person is exposed to certain chemicals or irritants in the environment.
Coughs with wheezing.
Coughs that routinely worsen when a person goes to certain locations or do certain activities.
Coughs that improve with inhalers or allergy medications.


In summary, coughs can be annoying and uncomfortable but, for the most part, they will clear up on their own. However, if a cough has continued for some time or got worse, it is still important to use our medication.

Storage: Keep in cool, dark & dry place


Active Ingredients:
Isatis root (Radix Isatidis), Isatis leaf (Folium Isatidis).

11 reviews for Cough – Treats cough with natural herbal medicine.

  1. Avatar of Chukwueze


    I have taken this product for the past few nights. My night time coughing has decreased. Another plus, this product dissolves quickly!

  2. Avatar of Joy David

    Joy David

    Great product. kept my immune system in good condition.

  3. Avatar of Victoria Chetachi

    Victoria Chetachi

    The best natural product for strong cough.

  4. Avatar of Yusuf Olatunji

    Yusuf Olatunji

    Great cough relieve. Loosens up the phlegm and makes a cough more productive

  5. Avatar of Suleman Adigun

    Suleman Adigun

    The best cold and cough herb. This products has saved me. I can sleep.

  6. Avatar of Halima Abubakar

    Halima Abubakar

    If you have Bronchitis or a cough, this product is all natural and works. I had Bronchitis and cough for several years straight and someone introduced me to this product and advised I take it daily. I have not had Bronchitis and the cough is gone.

  7. Avatar of Prince


    I was diagnosed with Bronchitis and have a unbearable cough. This medicine stopped me from coughing. How can anyone sleep, if they are coughing.

  8. Avatar of Azeez Ayinla

    Azeez Ayinla

    I like the product because I have lot of coughing especially night time. I use it and it works so fast. I know I sleep well which means I recover faster

  9. Avatar of Ngozi Chukwu

    Ngozi Chukwu

    This product is a must have if you have allergies or any cough conditions. Great to have around in the flu season. My niece has been coughing a dry cough for over a month. she took the products and she could tell the difference immediately and she quit coughing.

  10. Avatar of Edobor Patience

    Edobor Patience

    I was given prescription cough medicine and an inhaler for bronchitis. Neither was seemingly helping control my cough. I decided to purchase this after a recommendation from a friend. I started feeling better in less than 3 days after starting with the max dose every day.

  11. Avatar of Sam


    It does what it is intended to do. Great for people with nagging coughs.

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