Business Management

We would like to introduce to you an amazing business opportunity with the herbal family, we are offering you the opportunity to deposit into the company and enjoy great benefits. This opportunity is opened to individuals, corporate individuals, professionals, and business owners.


Invest with the sum of ₦ 4,500,000 (Four million five hundred thousand naira) only into the company account.

It can be done at once or within 4 months of your initial payment. 



You will be given herbal products of your choice from our various ranges of products worth 4.5 million naira on which you also get the benefit of making turn over from retail sales.

You get paid cash bonus and award of 2 million naira at the end of the month of your investment either you finish selling or not.


These are other incentives, if you wish to continue investing.

(1)Free international trip Or cash equivalent of 700,000 naira.

(2)Small brand new car Or cash equivalent of 2.8 million naira

(3)Cash award of 5 million naira

(4)International gate way vacation Or cash equivalent of 6 million Naira

(5)Big car award Or cash equivalent of 9 million Naira.

(6)House award or cash equivalent of 20 million Naira.


Team directors share 2% of total global sales quarterly that's about 20 million naira or more, depending on the global sales every 3 months.


The entire family is committed to supporting your professional growth with the company. We are sure you will agree that this is the perfect moment for this extraordinary union of products and compensation.


Call/Whatsapp 08170731688 to submit your details or for more inquiries.


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