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Welcome. We are a multinational company, engaging itself in herbal medicines and other commodities. The vision and determination of the Chairman, Prof. Lin Hu is to take the TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE (T.C.M) and its treasures to everybody, everywhere in the world…..

The effectiveness of many so health products have been seldom confirmed, due to lack of scientific research and experience of extensive nutritional therapy. The products been produced under high bio-engineering technology putting the five elements of life(metal, wood, water, fire and earth) together with natural nutritional therapy, the products are effective for treatment and prevention of many diseases such as Gonorrhea, Staphylococcus, Fibroid, Pile, Stroke, Diabetes, Ulcer, Urinary Tract Infections, Hormone imbalance, Ovarian Cysts, Cancer, Fallopian Tube Blockage, Asthma, Endometriosis, High Blood Pressure, Low Sperm count, Weight Loss & Obesity, Eye Problem(long and short sighted, cataract, glaucoma), syphilis, Candidiasis, Weight Loss(People with overweight, Obesity), Migraine(pains in the head usually in one side), Goiter(enlargement of the thyroid gland), Acne, Aging & longevity(Long life and maintenance), Tooth Pain, Tuberculosis, Tonsillitis, Menopause problem, Liver Problems, Insomnia, Heart Burn, Heart Failure, Heart Palpitation, Hemiplegic(paralysis on one side of the body), Arthritis, Rheumatism (pains in the joints, sometimes associated with swelling of leg), Osteoporosis, Parkinson, Kidney & Liver Problem, Menstrual problem(pain, irregular or blockage, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Epigasritis, Pneumonia etc.

The quality and effectiveness of our health products have made an outstanding contribution to mankind. We employ you to use the herbal products for aiding,  prevention of diseases, to keep and maintain a healthy living.

It is a global direct selling company owned by China Group. It was founded in 1988, and it started direct sales in 1998. It has established a world-class research and development center in Kunming China. All researchers are from top Chinese medicine Colleges and universities in China and also the center has links with many other institutions in Singapore, USA and Japan. We also have specialists from Science Academy of China and South China Medical University as consultants. 

Its manufacture center is located in Guangdong. All the factories are GMP certificated. They all have been equipped with the most advanced facility & machines. Well built standards and processing procedures are monitored and all steps are traceable. We have the best raw material sources and Quanlity Control system. In Shannxi, it has a Danshen Plantation. In Jilin, it has a base and laboratory which secure the best source of Ginseng. In Yunnan it has its own bees raising center. Each product has its own SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) standard, as well as national wide GMP standard and international HACCP methods. 

That leads to that all products are well known in China. Because of its outstanding effectiveness, it has been developing at an amazing speed, since from 1988 a China local company up to now a multinational group.


Prof.Lin Hu, PhD

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